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Pinnacle Products International LLC

             The ultimate in quality and customer service                

Pinnacle Products International LLC began as the brainchild of Cathy Caldwell and Lewis McCrain.  Together they have logged over 40 years in the plastics/polyurethane foam industry.


Cathy Caldwell is a 23 year veteran of the polyurethane industry.  She has worked in all aspects of the business from customer service to R&D.  With her broad experience, she is a key member of Pinnacle as the Director of Sales and Marketing.  Cathy is also well versed in ISO 9001:2008 standards and leads the Quality Management System for Pinnacle.


Lewis McCrain is a seasoned manager with over 20 years in the plastics industry including  successful start-up and turn-around experience.  This experience includes a varied managerial, engineering and quality background with advanced degrees in both management and quality.  As Director of Engineering and Manufacturing, Lewis oversees production and quality controls that set the standard in the industry for consistently superior products.


Memory Foam Development.  The business began development of a new  visco-elastic memory foam that would compete in the current market.  The result is a visco-elastic memory foam that passes CAL 117:2013 and the European BS 5852 Crib 5 tests.  This material is less temperature sensitive with better pressure mapping than other similar foams on the market.  This is an ultra premium visco-memory foam produced in two densities and two versionsThe densities are 5 to 6 pounds per cubic foot and an ultra-high density 18 to 30 pounds per cubic foot.  The two versions of our foams are: one that passes CAL 117:2013 and another that passes both CAL 117:2013 and BS 5852 Crib 5.  We have trademarked these foams as "EarthMade Memory Foams" due to their eco-friendly makeup of at least 20% plant material.


Customer Service.  Pinnacle has a passion for customer service.  At the heart of the business is the belief in uncompromising customer service.  The belief that people want to deal with people at a personal level is embedded into Pinnacle’s culture.  Pinnacle is passionate about caring for customers embracing both old traditional values of customer service and the best of modern technology.  In this way, the company treats customer care in a way that is unique in today’s market and this sets Pinnacle apart from all other  competitors.

  • Standard density Memory Foams
  • Ultra-high density Gel Foam
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